IMPLOSION: The continuous merging of the self.. What if outer space would become inner space? What if we would merge with our surroundings? 5 dancers make the participants question their presence in the context of North District. How solid is their existence and what would happen if they allowed it to become fluid. liquid, integrating with everything on its way.

OURB collaborated with 5 young dancers to put together a captivating performance at the opening of “You are here”, part of IABR–2018+2020–THE MISSING LINK.

The dancers performed a sacral integration in the “OURBubble”, becoming the bubble as much as the bubble became them. From the outside the bubble looked unfamiliar and alienated to the massive structures surrounding it, but it slowly learned from its environment. The dancers mimic this aspect of the bubble and become part of the environment, then evolve it, Integrating with the space and the participants.


A movement performance by a collective of young Brussels based artists:

Ting-Yu Fan: freelance performance artist graduated from the National University of Arts Taiwan.

Auke Mertens: Freelance choreographer, performance artist and student social cultural work at UCLL.

Students at P.A.R.T.S international:

Mei-ning Huang (Leo)

Cheyenne Illegems (Sagittarius)

Judith Van Oeckel (Libra)

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