The networked designer of today acts as a public intellectual, mediating and articulating a medium in order to build an environment, making use of networked intelligence, and setting the spatial agency in the projects to arrive at continuous co-creative processes.

It is for this context that Eterotopia workshop was created, during ten days, 100 explorers looked to understand the different layers of the territory of La maddalena, but instead of finding concrete solutions, they created an ecosystem of knowledges, they asked more about their role there;

What does it mean to be a public intellectual abroad? and

What role do we play in an international architectural workshop, as Eterotopia?

Can we use our professional skills and our networked opportunities to raise questions, and to be transmitters of challenges? Can we inspire new perspectives for spatial practices? Taking the roles of not just of designers, but of philosophers and activists? Raising questions and making actions to inspire new rules, all to empower more wholesome environments.

In Bruno Latour’s terms, critical attention is shifted from architecture as a matter of fact to architecture as a matter of concern. For as a fact, the built is restricted to rules and methods, treated as they are objects. As for architecture as a matter of concern, the built becomes part of socially embedded networks, in which the outcomes of architecture and design are of much more significance than the objects of architecture. They become new symbols of inspiration for new perspectives, new rules, new actions.

The visualisation of the network above is a snapshot of ever-moving points, ideas, questions and knowledges, traveling from one country to the other. Inspiring collaborations to act and challenge the built environment, so it to reflects harmony between cultures, powers, the human and the non-human.

Eterotopia workshop was a chance to create new commons of knowledge, a community of interchanging ideas and connections, from the network to the participants to other networks. Expanding each others understanding and capacities to raise new questions; not to be answered then, but to be carried through the networks in order to find its challenger.

By: Rosie Romero


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